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Andy Goldau

CEO / Founder & Project Manager

Hi, I'm Andy. I am manager and founder of AGXL Limited. For several years, the project AGXL is planned. Only in 2015 I finally managed to realize it this project. I carry out the basic operations for AGXL. For example, to create the templates for the user homepages and take care of the administration of our server. For this I am always looking for new and innovative solutions for AGXL. | | +49 (0) 761 88795522

Florian Keßler

CMO / Social Media Manager & Support Manager

Hello, my name is Florian. I take care of the social network and to the customer. My main tasks are the support and representation of AGXL in the social networks. Furthermore, I run the Forum of AGXL and make the videos for tutorials. | | +49 (0) 761 88795533


COO / Chief Operating Officer

Hello, my name is Fabian. I am young, dynamic and full of enthusiasm and would like to bring AGXL to the very top. I take care of the operational processes and try to keep everything running. | +49 (0) 761 88795522

Johanna Johansson-Nerhus

CCO / PR-Managerin & IT-Managerin

Hej, my name is Johanna. I care for AGXL Limited to the PR and IT solutions. I recently joined AGXL here and would like to spend on this project for many years. Create as the Flyers or other online promotions. For this I take care not to all text content and the functionality of the Services. | | +49 (0) 761 88796638

Freelancer & Programmer

AGXL Limited works often together with Freelance to find new and innovative solutions.