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About us

First of all, thank you for choosing AGXL. AGXL is a free web-based website builder with pre-built templates and an e-mail service.


Our website editor is a very simple and usable editor without any programming knowledge. The AGXL project started on 12 December 2012. We took the time to adapt AGXL to your needs. Since 2015, we are working intensively on this project.


AGXL is a service of AGXL Limited. AGXL Limited is a bootstrap copycat / startup company from Germany and was founded by Andy Goldau. The startup company deals with free web-based applications on the Internet.


There are already many webpage generators, homepage makers and other similar tools on the Internet. We have made it our goal not only to offer a website editor but a complete package for your perfect Internet appearance. We are constantly working on new opportunities for enhancements and improvements of AGXL.


But you dear customer are the most important. They decide in which direction our journey goes. For this reason you are our most important asset. They determine what and how AGXL develops further. We wish us and you a good cooperation and a successful future.

Your AGXL team