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Simple Drag-n-Drop-Editor

Create your own Website. With our extremely simple Web page editor, it is easier than ever.


We have generally no advertising material*. But you can place your own advertising on their website.

Space for your files

You can also store here and manage your photos and documents.

Professional templates

You can select one of our pre-designed templates and customize to your needs or make a completely new template. With our tools, it is possible.


If you need help, feel free to contact us via the chat at any time.


You can use our service commercially. For commercial use, please briefly to let us know.

Customer Codes

Do you want to insert an HTML code or any other code? That is not a problem and easily with our system.

Free e-mail addresses

Do you need an e-mail address? You can create as many email addresses as you like. You can check your emails online via webmail.

SEO urls

With seo urls your website is more user friendly and positioning gets easier.

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What would the Internet be without websites ?! Websites are now an important source of information and for many people the first place to search for information and to market products. Worldwide, there are already some 700 million web pages, which is extremely much! The design of the website is very important! With our web pages editor you can easily create a web page and edit according to your needs, without any prior knowledge.

Just try it out and create your own website...

Mobile website

Nowadays more and more people go with the smartphone to the Internet. For this reason, a mobile website is very important today. You can also create a mobile website without desktop website or with your existing desktop page link your new mobile website. Then the visitors to your website will automatically if he uses a mobile terminal, redirected to the mobile site.

Be mobile and create your mobile website...

Layout website

Want distinctive design for your site? You can, for example: if you have a Twitch account, create your own page with Twitch layout. You only need to enter your Twitch account name and your stream is integrated into the layout page. So can your viewers view of your layout website the stream and even write comments.

Now, create your layout website...

vCard website

You do not want to create a Web page, or you just do not know what to write on a website? Do not worry! We have the perfect solution for you - a vCard. This is an electronic business card. Then you only have to enter your data and ready is your electronic business card. These can be viewed by user exactly like a normal website. There is also the possibility, if you create a company or an association, the website to put on the employees as SubSubDomain and create a vCard for each employee.

Now, create your vCard...

SmartWatch website "SmartTemplates"

SmartWatches are becoming increasingly popular. Many of the new SmartWatches have Internet access, but there are no templates for webpages that can be displayed on the SmartWatches. We have the solution! We have developed an extra template for SmartWatches. That your website can be displayed perfectly on the SmartWatch. We are the first company with which you can create Web Template for SmartWatches. This we call SmartTemplates.

Be one of the first of a SmartTemplate has! Create one now...

Own webshop

Are you looking for a webhost or shop-building kit for your own webshop? - Then you are right with us, because we combine both services in one and offer you the perfect solution for your webshop. We offer you many different templates for your shop. You can edit the templates as you wish and adapt them to your needs. Then nothing stands in the way of the sale of your goods. Just try it out and create your own webshop. You can use the buy button to integrate your webshop (products) into your existing website.

Create your own webshop now and sell your products...

Facebook Page Tab

Would you like to make your Facebook page even more individual? So you can use our editor to create your own Facebook page tab and then embed it into Facebook. We offer you a lot of ready-made templates for your Facebook page tab. After creating your Facebook page tab, you just have to insert the link in your Facebook page as an app and finish your new Facebook page tab page.

Create your page tab now and embed it on your Facebook page...


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What's AGXL actually?

AGXL is your partner for your website. We offer the complete package for your perfect website, of course, all for free. Create with our editor your website in minutes. For this you will also need the right email address!

Convinced? Now, create your website!

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